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Texturing in a 64kB intro

This article is the second part of our series on the making of H – Immersion. You can read the first part here: A dive into the making of Immersion. When making an animation within only 64kB, using images is … Continue reading

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A dive into the making of Immersion

This article is also available in Russian, courtesy of Vlad Brown: Погружение в создание Immersion At last. Last December, we finally finished it. This video here is our last production, a 4 minute animation called “Immersion”. To be more precise, … Continue reading

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How can demoscene productions be so small?

People not familiar with the demoscene often ask us how it works. How is it possible that a 64kB file contain so much? It can seem magical, since a typical music compressed as mp3 can be 1,000 times as big as our animations – not to mention the graphics. Continue reading

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