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F – Felix’s Workshop

Felix is an old retired man, who’s become a hobbyist toy maker. But what happens to his makeshift workshop when he’s not around? Is the tick-tock of the clock the only thing to hear in that empty room?

F – Felix’s Workshop is a 64k intro, which means it entirely fits within a single 64kB binary. The textures, meshes and animations are generated at runtime on the CPU, the music is done using a popular VST compatible synthesizer.

The rendering is done with OpenGL 2.1 and uses non gamma correct LDR Blinn-Phong lighting, some anisotropic lighting, variance shadow map (Andrew Lauritzen, GDC 2006), motion vectors based motion blur, alpha channel based glow (Greg James, GPU Gems, 2004), and a 2 passes hexagonal bokeh DoF (John White and Colin Barré-Brisebois, SIGGRAPH 2011).

Desk scene
The xylotrain
The cat clock
The armchair
A chessboard
The bookshelf
A puppet
The room
Desk scene in F – Felix's workshop
The xylotrain in F – Felix's workshop
The cat clock in F – Felix's workshop
The armchair in F – Felix's workshop
A chessboard in F – Felix's workshop
The bookshelf in F – Felix's workshop
A puppet in F – Felix's workshop
The room in F – Felix's workshop
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It was presented at Revision 2012 and competed fiercely with the intro from Approximate, Gaia Machina. In fine, F – Felix’s Workshop ranked 2nd out of 9 entries. It was later mentioned in a Slashdot wire: “Demoscene: 64k Intros At Revision Demoparty” and presented at SIGGRAPH 2013.

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