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Making floating point numbers smaller

When the goal is to make a 64kB executable (or less!), many unexpected issues arise. Floating point numbers are found everywhere: position of objects in the world, position of the camera, constants for the effets, colors in the texture generator, … Continue reading

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How can demoscene productions be so small?

People not familiar with the demoscene often ask us how it works. How is it possible that a 64kB file contain so much? It can seem magical, since a typical music compressed as mp3 can be 1,000 times as big as our animations – not to mention the graphics. Continue reading

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It’s been 4 years since the last message here. Sorry about that. It’s time for a quick update. Here is what we did since the last blog post: G – Level One was released at Tokyo Demofest 2014 and got … Continue reading

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Shader Minifier 1.1

I’ve just released Shader Minifier 1.1. You can download the binary at the usual place. Changes New output options: use –format js to generate a Javascript file, and –format c-array to get a comma-separated list of strings (to be included … Continue reading

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The Easter trip

Every year, we enjoy going to the German demoparty at Easter. It’s always a great party, where we meet our friends again. However, we’ve been invited this year to the Awards ceremony in Norway, and it was hard to … Continue reading

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Shader Minifier 1.0

Since last release, the number of users of GLSL Minifier has increased, while number of bug reports decreased. I think it’s a good reason to move to version 1.0. This obfuscator has been used in a few great intros, such … Continue reading

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GLSL Minifier – smaller and smaller

The new version of our tool is released! Here is the changelog: Allow forward declarations in the input code and remove them (functions are automatically reordered). Please use the syntax “int foo(int x)” and not “int foo(int)”. More intelligent renaming … Continue reading

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GLSL Minifier, bug fix release

I’ve just fixed a few bugs in GLSL Minifier. Here is the list of changes for the 0.4.2 version: Smaller file to download (700kb instead of 1.8Mb), using MPress. Thanks eyebex! Print -.5 instead of -0.5. Thanks to stan_1901! Parse … Continue reading

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Behind Incubation

After months of work, we’ve finally released our first demo: B – Incubation. As I love reading how other demos are made, I’m going to share a few things. Zavie and I seriously started Incubation in January. At this time, … Continue reading

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GLSL Minifier 0.4

We’ve just released GLSL Minifier 0.4! It fixes many problems, and add some new features. Tuesday update: version 0.4.1 improves a few things and adds an option to preserve external values, such as uniforms and varying. Here is the list … Continue reading

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