The Sheep and the Flower

The Sheep and the Flower is a demo in 8kB, created as a collaboration with the group Razor 1911. What you see and hear fits within a single 8kB Windows executable binary, using procedural generation and compression.

The moral of the story is left as an exercise to the viewer.

The code was written by Anatole Duprat and Laurent Le Brun. The music was composed by CyborgJeff using 4klang and OpenMPT. The binary is compressed using Crinkler. We also used Shader Minifier and Leviathan 2.0. The story was inspired by the short-movie CAPODA created by Steren Giannini and Xavier Dorémus.

It was presented at Revision 2023 and ranked 2nd. It was also nominated as the best intro in the 2024 Meteoriks awards.

The demo is written using C++ to create a window and initialize OpenGL. All the visual content is generated on the GPU using GLSL. The content is described using signed distance fields, and is rendered using ray marching. The music is CPU-intensive and is executed on a separate thread. See the making-of article for more details.