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Tokyo Demo Fest team presents: megademo benkyoukai 2021

Artwork for the Tokyo Demo Fest lightning talks

This is the poster that yogib33r and I (Zavie) made at the end of last year for the upcoming event organized by the Tokyo Demo Fest team.

Tokyo Demo Fest is a Japanese demoscene party held in Tokyo. The last edition was a success, with an all time record attendance and a notable article in IGN Japan. But since then, well, life happened. Companies were founded, weddings were celebrated, kids were born, and the core team was simply too busy to dedicate the time it takes to organize a good event. And just like that, two years have passed.

Connected through creativity

But this hiatus has come to an end when it was decided, as a way to see something happen despite the pandemic, to organize in early 2021 an online session of demoscene talks: a メガデモ勉強会 (megademo benkyōkai), literally a group study on demoscene topics.

yogib33r is a French pixel artist and animator, who was kind enough to work with me on this poster. The artwork tries to communicate the motivation behind the event. In these times when we’re all physically separated, we remain creative, and this creativity that defines our community keeps us connected.

The text at the bottom reads:「会えないときも、創造性でつながってる。」
meaning “Even when we can’t meet, we stay connected through creativity”.

The megademo benkyōkai will take place on Sunday, February 14th, 2021
Event details
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