G – Level One

G – Level One is the joint work of Ctrl-Alt-Test, and UK based progressive metal band, hAND. Serving both as a demo and a music video for the lead track of the album Kintsugi, it uses procedural graphics with a low poly design and explores the state of mind one goes through when making important decisions.

Although it is not a size restricted demo (because of the mp3), we used the same procedural content generation techniques. Image loading uses stb_image (for the title logo); music loading uses Bass; everything else is done using our own tools.

The rendering improved and features physically plausible shading (normalized Blinn Phong with Fresnel), variance shadow map, HDR and gamma correct post-processing with glow, horizontal and vertical light streaks (Masaki Kawase, CEDEC 2009), motion vectors based motion blur, lens distorsion and various lens flare and color aberration effects.

The demo also features Gerstner waves and attractors with ~100k particles (we could put much more but it became less visually appealing), both computed on the GPU.

It was presented at Tokyo Demo Fest 2014 and ranked 1st out of 6. The music was composed and performed by hAND.