C series

We sometimes present photos, under the codename C. The fact that “C” and “see” sound the same is a pure welcomed coincidence.

C – Aka, Shiro, Kuro

C is a photo presented at Breakpoint 2010, where it ranked 24th out of 30.

The photo comes out of the camera without any post-treatment of any kind.

Aka, shiro, kuro

C (wide) – Tokyo Bay from Yokohama

C (wide) is a composite photo presented at MAiN Party 2010, where it ranked 2nd out of 27.

48 shots were taken from the 69th floor of the Landmark Tower in Yokohama, out of which 30 were used to make this panorama. About 20 of them contribute to the final image.

Tokyo Bay from Yokohama

C (forward) – Looking at the Danube

C (forward) is candid shot presented at Function 2011, where it ranked 5th ex æquo out of 11.

It was taken on the Szabadság híd (Liberty Bridge) in Budapest, the day before the party. It is a candid shot, which means the model is not posing and is a perfect stranger.

Looking at the Danube